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4 Responses to “Welcome to my blog!”

  1. Hi Catherine, your website captures my attention one day, and your photo is wonderful. Enjoy your site that has been added into my favorite. I play guitar and take photo too. Now, I want to listen the song “舉目望耶穌” that is not available in your blog. Is it possible for you to send me that mp3 downsized to less than 5MB. I live in Australia, it is not easy for me to source that song at all, I have not heard this song before at all.

  2. Hi catherine~ im looking for the lyrics of this song~ could u pls help me?

    身處萬尺山?腳站峽谷遑? 幽暗無絕處,清空可望見。 舉目望向天,盼望已呈現, 是我主的恩惠沒變。………

    Thx heaps! All for Jesus

    In Christ

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