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Kimchi fried rice 김치볶음밥

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I followed Maangchi’s recipe as below.  It is very easy,  yet tasty enough.   I believe it would be far more attractive if Spring Onion would have been added.



KimChi /김치/ 泡菜 @ Kimchi Academy, Seoul

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Ingredients Methods
iphone 1009
  • 1/4 Cabbage
  • Coarse Salt  (for crispy texture)
  • Water
  1. Cut the cabbage in quarters vertically.
  2. Prepare 15% -20% saline.
  3. Soak the cabbage for 6-8 hours (10-12 hrs in winter)
  4. Wash/rinse 2-3 times, leave in room temperature without saline for 1-2 hours
iphone 1007 From left to right,
Top row :
Red pepper powder, salted shrimp, sugar, sesame (roasted);
Bottom: Ginger & garlic (1:10), fish sauce, glutinous rice paste
Glutinous rice paste:

  1. Glutinous rice powder : water = 1:5
  2. Mix & stir these two ingredients in a saucepan at medium heat
iphone 1008 Cut the followings into 3cm stalks:-

  • Radish, 150g (2mm thick)
  • Chives
  • Spring Onion

iphone 1012

iphone 1016
  1. iphone 1017Spread 3 Tsp of pepper powder to the cut radish
  2. Add 1 Tsp each of remaining seasonings
  3. Blend and massage for ~5 mins (this skill is important as told)
  4. This is edible….try it : )
iphone 1022  


Starting from the one at the bottom, spread the mixture onto every piece of cabbage leaf evenly.

iphone 1026
  • Wrap it well and store in a container in the fridge.  Let the fermentation process proceed,  best to be served after 4-6 days.


  • Gas will be releasing during the process.   It can be kept for at least one month and much longer.
  • Sugar can be substituted by other types of sugar, even to be replaced by pear, apple etc, local Korean would add raw and marinated abalone, squid, seafood etc as well for their own recipe
  • Kimchi is perceived as a kind of health food in Korean community. 
  • Should be salty,  sweet, spicy, but NOT SOUR!

Seoul Kimchi Academy

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Modified Vietnamese Spring Roll

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It is a trial by adapting following recipes:


Raspberry Jam

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Raspberry is my most favorite flavor among the Rowntree’s Fruit Gums.  So I tried to substitute Blueberry by Raspberry, per this recipe.


I have tried to reduce sugar content for lowering calories,  though its preservation period maybe shortened.

Maybe due to the texture of the raspberry, it looks a bit watery, I think it would be great for ice-cream sundae or salad dressing, still.



Low Calories Thai Vermicelli Salad for Hot Summer

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  • vermicelli
  • squid ball
  • Thai basil


  1. Boil vermicelli and squid ball, rinse in running tap water,  and chilled water for final round.  Keep it in fridge.
  2. Cut pattern for the squid balls, heat them in pan to golden yellow.
  3. Place them on the plate with vermicelli and Thai basil.
  4. Chop garlic and Thai chili peppers.  Add fish sauce to a sauce bowl.  Add the chopped garlic , sugar and chili.  Squeeze the juice of 1/3 of a lime into the bowl.  Ready to serve.
  5. Enjoy, especially the aroma and cooling effect under hot weather.


The chili and thai basil are harvested fresh.



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  • 3隻雞蛋
  • 糯米粉(166克)
  • 椰汁(166 毫升)
  • 白砂糖 ( 133克 )


  1. 焗爐預熱180C / 356F。 
  2. 把雞蛋和白砂糖先打勻。
  3. 把椰汁和糯米粉加入蛋汁中攪勻。
  4. 用24cm x30 cm方焗盤,或用兩個較小的焗盆(不要太深,否則很難焗熟。)先把焗盤邊抹油,在底部放上 baking paper (以防黏底)。
  5. 把攪伴好的粉漿隨隨倒入焗盤,並輕搖,在台上拍一兩下,使粉漿中的氣體走出來。放入焗爐焗50分鐘至一小時(注意:每個焗爐熱度不同的。)焗至表面金黃色,用一枝針或牙簽插入年糕,沒有粉漿黏著的話,即年糕已熟。

準備時間: 10 分鐘
烹調時間: 60 分鐘
分量: 3 人

original recipe :


The crispy crust and the tender centre are of good combination. 

Sugar can be further reduced by 15%.

Personally, i think it tastes good when lukewarm, but it is still not bad from fridge. However, its appearance should better be improved.


Organic Strawberry Jam

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Fresh strawberries were picked in an accredited organic strawberry farm in FanLing.   The air is fresh and people are friendly.  

Next morning, the remaining strawberries  started to dry up, so I mashed them at once and made them into jam for preservation.

The recipe adopted resembles the blueberry jam which I tried before.  The only difference is, brown sugar was used instead of the white one.

DSC09683 DSC09710   

But I have to say… is better to serve strawberry fresh, while blueberry as jam.


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